Instant Printing Digital Photo Kiosk Available

From Wallets to 4 x 6 inch prints, Photo Greeting Cards to enlargements, you can now print your digital photo instantly! Our kiosk can read 14 different memory chips or sticks plus USB Flash drives and CDs. A scanner is also available for you to make copies of your existing prints.


No fee ATM. Bank Charge may apply.

Lottery Tickets

Lottery and Powerball tickets are available for purchase.

Postage Stamps

Postage Stamps are available from the service counter.

Customer Restrooms

Customer restrooms are available in the front of the store near the service counter. Restrooms are checked through out the day for cleanliness.

Motorized Scooters

Two motorized shopping carts are available for in store use. 

Hand Carry Baskets

Just stopping for a few items? Carrying baskets are available at the front door and other spots in the store.

Assisted Shopper Service

If you are unable to shop for your groceries we can help you. Please call to learn about this service.

WIC/Quest Card

We are an authorized Wisconsin WIC and Quest Card redemption center.